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20 Tips for Ultimate Rest & Peace of Mind

Updated: Oct 3, 2022

What is spiritual self-care? It sounds spooky and weird, I know. But it's not. It's a profound inner spirit knowing that we are all at one with the universe; it's loving and accepting ourselves and others unconditionally. If you want to create a sustainable level of well-being, connect to something higher than yourself, it's important to nurture your spirit.

God is my go-to. For others, it's the universe or a "higher power". Regardless, tuning into the spirit gives you calm in the chaos.

Spirituality is living a life with an ethos that embraces seeking inner truth and wisdom.

Often, many confuse spirituality with religion. I'm not talking about that. Although I believe in God and many think God equals religion and rules, I'm not talking about a list of religious dos and don'ts. Far from it. I'm advocating that you tune into a higher being and find proper rest for your soul.

Bring awareness, calm, and balance to your daily life with spiritual self-care.

Bring awareness, calm, and balance to your daily life with spiritual self-care.

20 Ways to Nurture your Spirituality (Spiritual Self-Care)

  1. Make time for spiritual practice—for example, prayer, meditation, scripture reading.

  2. Be aware of nonmaterial aspects of life.

  3. Identify what is meaningful to you & notice its place in your life.

  4. Participate in a spiritual gathering.

  5. Have awe-full experiences.

  6. Find creative, playful, and joyful ways to express yourself. (singing, playing musical instruments, art, dance, gardening)

  7. Express gratitude.

  8. Celebrate milestones with rituals that are meaningful to you.

  9. Remember and memorialize loved ones who have died.

  10. Be open to inspiration.

  11. Cherish your optimism and hope.

  12. Contribute to or participate in causes you believe in.

  13. Find ways to help others.

  14. Read inspirational literature and listen to inspirational talks & music.

  15. Seek out media that is positive & hopeful.

  16. Practice gratitude through journaling.

  17. Participate in cultural events.

  18. Stay connected to our values and purpose.

  19. Look for beauty in the day-to-day.

You are body, soul, and mind. Spiritual self-care feeds your soul. When your soul is whole, your mind is calm and at peace. When your mind is clear and at ease, you make healthier choices for your body.

Self-care has six elements, and they're all intertwined. These self-care practices are easy and cultivate a happier, healthier version of yourself in just a few minutes a day.

Self-care for your spirit gives you real rest. So often, many people get sufficient sleep but wake up still tired. If this is you, your body is craving spiritual self-care--real rest.

Stress less & enjoy life more.

When you embrace self-care, you are strong and have more time, energy, and peace for those you love, lead, & teach.

This article is part 6 of a 7 part blog series.

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Disclaimer: I'm not a therapist or counselor. I'm just passionate about busting through burnout because I've burned out while teaching & leading. Now, I'm on a mission to prevent others from going through what I went through. I want better for you. 😊🌟😊

I'm cheering for you.

YOU make a difference!


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