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Do You Have the #1 Ingredient for Impactful Leading & Teaching?

Leading & teaching is hard. Some days, it's utterly exhausting. However, ask any teacher or leader why they do what they do--inevitably, it's to make a difference—an impact.

Recently, I've been attending Life Coaching classes to become a certified Life Coach. One evening, our instructor shared the video below. It's a powerful reminder of the #1 ingredient for teaching and leading with impact.

This video reminded me that putting on your Empathy Glasses is essential for impactful teaching and leading. Always.

Lead with Empathy.

Sometimes, a lot of times, this is easier said than done. For example, think about your car for a minute. When the gas tank is empty, it won't go. In the same way, when you and I are empty and exhausted, it's hard to extend empathy.

Lately, I've experienced this phenomenon. My classroom environment is hot, draining my energy and dampening my spirits. It's so hot that it sends me into survival mode. I spend a large portion of my time thinking about staying cool. It's challenging to think about anything else when my feet and fingers swell from heat, and sweat is dripping down my temples and neck. All I can think about is working my way to comfort.

Discomfort affects my emotional state. I go home each night drained and depleted. So spent. I hate to admit it, but exercising empathy and putting others' needs first is hard when wilted.

So, how do you and I remedy such a situation?

Start and stay STRONG.

I love living the STRONG life. However, I'm more intentional about staying STRONG when depleted. I ensure I exercise each letter in the acronym STRONG with intention. Living the STRONG life fills you and me, so we have extra energy to extend to others.

Intentionally implementing STRONG in your life refreshes, replenishes, and rejuvenates. When you and I have full tanks, we lead with empathy.

Empathy is the #1 ingredient to being an excellent, impactful teacher & leader.

Stay STRONG, friends.

I'm cheering for you.

YOU make a difference!

💕 Pamela

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