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Why You Need to Finish Strong

When I was in track, my coaches always reminded me, "Finish strong! When you get near the finish line, speed up instead of slowing down and sprint across the finish line."

Those words came to the forefront of my mind while I was out on a run. I started to slow down near the end. I was fatigued. But because of those words, I didn't.

It took a conscious effort and extra gumption. (We have more in us than we think.)

Then, I started thinking about the end of the school year approaching and how it is similar to finishing a race. Many are already counting down the days.

What if we made each day count instead of counting the days?

What if we finished strong?

In a time of heightened inclusion and equity, I want to ensure both for all learners. Many of my students say they feel happiest at school. Others inquire why the weekends are so long. Clearly, counting down the days brings anxiety for many.

What if we put the same energy into creating magical moments?

When you feel like you're going through the motions, infuse a magical lesson. I know you're teacher-tired, but your learners' enthusiasm will fuel you.

When you're going through the motions, infuse team building and community building activities. (Click here for virtual team building ideas.)Intentionally creating cohesion and community creates lasting relationships and memories. Purposefully plan fun countdown activities, but for the sake of connection and community.

The days may seem long to us educators, and we may want to get on to "better" days-the summer. But our learners still need us fully engaged.

The days may seem long, but our time with our learners is short.

Let's focus on making magical moments and memories of belonging they'll never forget. While some students may be excited about summer, others are anxious. Let's be mindful and inclusive with our last days together.

Let's cross the finish line strong. Our learners deserve it.😃

You make a difference!


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