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Why Resolutions Don't Work & What to Do Instead

Updated: Jan 16, 2023

Have you ever created a grand list of all your New Year's Resolutions--only to fall flat?

Maybe you're part of the rare few that actually follow through and achieve your resolutions. Yay you! Maybe you're not, and you feel frustrated and defeated. What can you do instead?

The other day, I stumbled across a wonderful video by Craig Groeschel titled: Words to Live By. His message resonated with me. As many of you know, nothing in your life or my life is going to change until we change our thinking. Our thoughts lead to actions. I've said it before, and I'll say it again:

Where your mind goes energy flows.

When you and I change our thoughts, we change on the inside. When we focus on actions without changing our thoughts, our belief system pulls us back to defeat. Actions first are pure willpower which isn't lasting when we're stressed or have a down day. On the other hand, changing our thoughts and our belief system leads to behaviors that match no matter how we feel. Consistently, omitting negative thoughts and replacing them with words to live by equals winning behaviors which are lasting. Resolutions relapse.

3 Reasons Resolutions Don't Work

  1. They focus on the outcome without addressing the change in behavior and mindset that you’ll need in order to achieve what you want.

  2. They’re usually too vague and not specific enough to sustain motivation and consistent action. Then, we feel guilty & like a failure when we don't achieve what we set out to do.

  3. We aren't really ready to change.

"Where we go wrong with New Year's resolutions is there's this idea that it's supposed to be some big, sweeping change, because that sounds kind of sexy. [But] as humans we’re not wired to make big, sweeping changes."- Terri Bly, Licensed Clinical Psychologist

Try Words to Live By Instead

I just love this notion. I'm doing it and getting results. Why?

  1. I crafted words that were meaningful to me. See how to do so for you here. Watch the videos and scroll down to several examples and themes to help you.

  2. Words to Live by focuses on our thoughts which lead to lasting behavioral change.

  3. Consistency. I recite my Words to Live By Daily--okay, I might miss a day. No problem. I pick it back up the next day. No guilt.

  4. My daily affirmations--Words to Live By--inspire me to create bite-size, doable, SMART goals.

  5. I take time to celebrate my wins no matter how small.

Success Breeds Success

Give it a try. Create three to nine key Words to Live By phrases that fit you. Consistently recite them & see your attitude & life positively transform. Because resolutions don't work.

I'm cheering for you.

YOU make a difference! 💕 Pamela

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