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STRONG Educators Never Give Up

Updated: Jul 27, 2020

Have you ever had a goal or a dream you knew you were supposed to do but fear, time, or setbacks stopped you?

Of course you have. You are human.

A month ago, I was clicking along achieving my goals and plan I'd outlined in my planner. Life was good. I was full of energy, positivity, eating healthy, and running.

You might be wondering what in the world does my life have to do with your goals, dreams, and desires?

Hopefully my recent setbacks will encourage you. We are educators to the core, but first we're humans with real struggles and real victories.

This blog post was planned to enter the world a month ago. This post was going to have a totally different story. It was going to be filled with ways to never give up on your students as well as the goals you've set. But as life would have it, I ended up in the hospital having to have an emergency intestinal surgery. This event truly came out of nowhere. One day I was running and eating healthy with no signs of health issues. The next I was doubled over with stabbing, stinging abdominal pain so intense it caused vomiting and a trip to the hospital emergency room.

Never give up
See this yucky looking soup. After four days without eating, it tasted like the best soup ever. Perspective is everything.

This soup reminded me to appreciate every little thread and detail of your life. Appreciate the simple things.

Four days into my hospital stay, I became depressed. I felt like I was never going to get better. Thankfully, a dear friend sent in a bouquet of sunflowers from her field. (I couldn't see her because of visitation restrictions put in place because of Covid-19.) Seeing the sunny sunflowers lifted my spirits and put a smile on my face. They greeted me each morning with their cheery vibes. Everyone that entered my room commented on them. They brought smiles to the nurses' faces too. Did you know that sunflowers lift their faces toward the sun? They always face the light. How encouraging.

Some lessons we can all learn from this is to cling closely to positive people and to be sure to encourage others. A little encouragement goes a long way; it helps people keep going and to never give up.

After my surgery, I couldn't even walk to the bathroom on my own. So whatever struggle you are facing, never give up!

Remember to keep your eye on the prize. For me, my prize was going home. I wanted to go home and leave the sterile hospital bed and white four walls to my own bed and home filled with family. I had to be able to prove I could walk without assistance and some other hurdles. I became determined to walk on my own and overcome obstacles holding me back from home. By focusing on my goals and taking baby steps, I was able to reach the goals. Never give up! (and stay positive focused on a purpose.)

How often do we just coast through life? How often do we tell ourselves we'll do something toward our goal or dream tomorrow? What if tomorrow never comes? This emergency reminded me to be intentional with my one and only life. Do it now whatever it is you've been called to do. Never give up!

After an eight day hospital stay, I was discharged to continue recovery in my home. It was slow and steady but I went from walking just steps to my bathroom to walking up and down my 500 feet driveway seven times. I was getting stronger each day. I wasn't about to give up. I wanted to be strong for my family and students. I wanted to run again.

My 1st night home in my bed. My kitty, Sheba, missed me. She is on my legs. She is healing medicine.

I started feeling so much better that I took a mental health trip to walk along the beach with a friend. It filled me with hope of healing and getting back to "normal". Then...

Fresh air and dipping my toes in the ocean were good for the soul and reminded me to never give up.

The following day, I couldn't leave my bed. I had no energy at all. I thought maybe I overdid it. I rested. Two days later stabbing, stinging pain returned to my abdomen. An infection returned.

Frustrated, I cried with self pity. I just want to feel better.

Another setback. Life is full of them, right? I bet you're not a stranger to challenges or setbacks. Many of you have endured far more challenges than outlined here, but you overcame them. You never gave up.

While working to get strong enough to walk down my driveway again, I sit and listen to this. It is a healing sound. As frustrated as I am about another setback, I will not give up.

I believe in God. Whether you do or not, please know that you have a purpose. Your goals and dreams were planted in your brain and heart for a reason. Only you can do what you were created to do. So I implore you to let go of fear or whatever is holding you back and go forward one step at a time and never give up.

My view as I work toward recovery, again. Step by step. Never give up.

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