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3 Simple Ways Students Retain Learning

Is it just me, or do you ever get "the deer in the headlights" look from students? Learning loss is a hot topic. But what about the fact that something can't be lost if it was never there in the first place?

No matter the situation, learning environment, or world crisis, educators need to focus on progress and move all students forward no matter their background or ability. But learning can't be lost if it was never there. As we know, teaching content doesn't equate to understanding. So how do we ensure our students are digesting content and genuinely learning?

Helping students retain and remember what they learn is multifaceted and can't be reduced to just three steps. However, being mindful of the following three things will dramatically increase your learners' retention of what you teach.

3 Ways to Help Students Retain Learning

  1. When teaching a lesson, be mindful that the first thing you say is the most remembered. The last thing you say is the second most remembered. Structure your lessons with this fact in mind, and your students will be sure to remember more.

  2. Specifically, remind your learners to tune in and stay with you until the end of the lesson because they will need the information for a hands-on, life-applicable learning experience. (Particularly do this when teaching virtually. Give them a reason not to exit.) Provide hands-on, life-applicable lessons. Students remember what they do.

  3. Let learners be experts. Everyone remembers what they teach. Have your students use their strengths to teach others.

Bonus: Attach emotion to lessons. Providing lessons that students connect to emotionally are memorable moments.

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