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The Number One Reason Relationships Matter

We've all heard relationships are king and "Maslow before Bloom". I totally subscribe to these notions. I've seen unlikely kids rise and become respectful citizens.

This morning while out on my run, I was, once again, reminded two are better than one.

I was running along inhaling fresh, autumn air when a smiling, waving cyclist passed by. I returned the wave as we exercised our lungs. Moments later, I saw my new fitness friend bent over her bike. I immediately thought, Oh no! I hope she's okay.

I raced to her to see what was the matter. She asked me to release her shoe from the petal toe clip. Upon inspection, I realized her shoelace was wedged between the chain and gear. I freed it first then her shoe. We exchanged friendly words. She thanked me and I replied, "My pleasure. I'm glad I could help." I spun on my foot the opposite direction, pumped my arms with my feet following and settled back into my stride. I thought:

Two are definitely better than one.

What if I hadn't appeared on the scene? The cyclist was grateful and honestly it felt good to help someone.

We're wired for relationships.

We're created to be stronger and better together. We need each other.

This truism became more apparent than ever right after my intestinal surgery. Night time was the worst time in the hospital, a lonely time. To top it off, I couldn't get up or walk. I'd scratch and claw at the sheets using every ounce of energy just to grasp the bedside rail. Then, I'd push the "call" button for a nurse to come help me get to the bathroom. This went on every hour through the night. It was humbling and humiliating. Those hourly trips to the bathroom formed a bond with my night nurse. We conversed. She coached me through painful healing hurdles. I needed her.

When discharge day arrived, she said she'd miss me. We'd become night owl buds. In our relationship, she felt fulfilled helping me heal and I needed her to help me. Two are better than one.

My need for another continued when I got home. My husband had to lift everything for me. I couldn't even lift my laptop. He brought food to me. He helped me get up from a chair. He helped me get into bed. He administered my medicine. He got me through mundane days because doing nothing is even better together. He got me through rough recovery. Slowly, slowly I gained strength to do more and he was there to experience it all. Two are always better than one.

As educators, remember to connect with all students. Remember to provide opportunities for your students to connect with each other. Provide opportunities for your students to connect with other adults who may be a conduit for your students' success. Always remember relationships trump academics. In fact, relationships with others strengthen academics because two heads are better than one.

The number one reason relationships matter:

We need each other. Two are better than one.

Maybe you don't believe me or subscribe to Relationships are King.

Okay. Then who will you call the next time you're in a bind?

I care about you.

You make a difference!


Learn more about how to cultivate life-changing relationships with families and students in my upcoming book. I share personal student stories and strategies for cultivating culture and community rooted in relationships. It's centered around amplifying all students' potential and unshakeable relationships that raise student achievement. Coming out 2021.

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