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3 Top Teaching Tools

Do you know the top three teaching tools?

You'll be shocked that the three top teaching tools don't include technology. Although, I do think technology is a marvelous teaching tool.

The best part of the top three teaching tools is that they don't require much preparation or time. 😊

Top 3 Teaching Tools

1. You

Yep. You are the only you. It sounds corny, but it's true. You are the only one who can reach some kids that others can't. Kids will connect to you because of your unique personality. I think social media makes it tempting to copy education rock stars. Here's the thing- you're a rock star to someone. Focus on that. Be you. Love ALL kids. Connect with ALL kids. Cultivate relationships with ALL kids, and you'll have all you need.

One of my heroes in education is Marva Collins. She taught "unteachable" inner city kids in a room in her house with zero dollars and old books. Guess what? She led dropouts to graduation. She did the impossible by being authentic and showing up daily with love. Be inspired by her story in this movie.

You are vital in cultivating relationships. The following is an excerpt from my book Be Their Warrior:

"Cultivating a positive culture is the foundation for building relationships

leading to high student achievement. The Oxford Dictionary defines culture as 'the attitudes and behavior characteristics of a particular social group.'

A thriving culture creates a positive environment for our interactions with students, staff, and colleagues. Our culture is established through how we work together, talk together, treat each other, the lessons we plan and facilitate, and emotional connections."

You create the climate for all other tools to succeed.

2. Attitude

"Our enthusiasm and positive attitude will always be contagious and allow all students to soar. Our belief in them will always be in style. They will remember our positive attitude and expectations more than the lesson plan framework.

Having a positive, loving, enthusiastic attitude that lights up and says, "Oh, there you are. I'm so glad you are here"—is vital in establishing a caring culture. No matter students' backgrounds or abilities, they want to be with you and please you because they know you care and will help them.

Your positive attitude permeates your class and school, causing students to grow and learn. It's contagious and powerful." -Excerpt from Be Their Warrior.

The attitude in which a lesson is taught speaks louder than an elaborate plan or tool; it is the tool.

3. Shoes

Years ago, a wise teacher let me in on a little secret. She said that the secret to happiness as a teacher was wearing good shoes. You see, when you aren't thinking about your aching feet, you're more present with your students. When you're feet aren't exhausted at the end of your teaching day from standing all day--you might play catch outside with your child or take that nature walk.

The point is that it's invaluable to wear good, supportive shoes. I know many young teachers who wear the latest cute trends, but their feet ache, or worse-- they damage their feet. Bunions are real, especially for teachers.

I went on a mission to find comfortable, cute shoes that sustain standing all day. I'm happy to report

Abeo shoes are one of my favorite teaching shoes. I get countless compliments on them. They are more comfortable than tennis shoes. I can wear and walk in my Abeo shoes for hours and miles without discomfort.

Another key to wearing good shoes is to rotate your shoes. For example, wear a comfy style today but don't wear those same shoes tomorrow. Instead, wear a different kind of Abeo shoes. I promise this works. It gives your shoes a chance to air out and provides your feet with diversity.

Once, I bought a pair in every color. I wore the same style every day. Guess what? My feet were fatigued. When I swapped styles and rotated them, my feet felt like dancing.

Long ago, it wasn't acceptable to wear sneakers to school. Thankfully, for the most part, that notion vanished. I love my FitFlop sneakers & FitFlop shoes & sandals. They are like walking on pillows all day. Plus, they're stylish. I get tons of compliments. Truthfully, I don't care much about compliments. I care about feet that aren't killing me.

Never underestimate the power of a shoe.--Giuseppe Zanotti

While many may boast that technology is one of the top three teaching tools, I'll stick with the viewpoint less expressed. I know through experience that you, your attitude, and your shoes are at the top of the list. However, check out this post for the best tech tools for teachers by Tech Learning. I love that the tools are categorized: communication, curation, creative, digital learning, game-based learning, presentation, and video learning. It is a gold mine of options for you and your students.

Meanwhile, be sure to prepare your mind & attitude for your students each day, put on shoes that make you feel like you're walking on clouds, and be your authentic self.

Your students are counting on you.

YOU make a difference!

💕 Pamela

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