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Be Light! My 2020 One Word

Updated: Feb 22, 2020

Be light and reflect others light for all the world to see. Shine so others see the light in themselves.

One word what a great idea I thought when I first encountered the concept in 2019. But how can I define my goals in one word? That’s nice for others, but I’ll stick to my SMART goals.

Reviewing the one word goals for 2020 inspired me to narrow down all that I want to accomplish and be in 2020 into one word. Last year, I focused on believe. Belief in others and belief in myself. Now that I’ve gained more belief in myself, I want to be a light to others. I want to reflect the goodness in others, their light, so the whole world will see their goodness. I want to encourage and bring out the best in others.

My one word for 2020 is light! Light to guide my 2020 vision.

I strive to be filled with the light of Christ. Light exposes darkness. Let light drown out my bad habits and illuminate them in order to make positive changes in my life. I want to shine a light for others to believe in themselves. Light strips away fear, darkness is uncertain and sometimes scary. Light guides the way like a lighthouse beacon. Light illuminates, and light gives hope. Light brings joy just like a sunny day after a rainstorm. I aspire to shine bright in 2020 like light.

Light leads to all other words: believe, give, love, faith, excel, and grow. When filled with light you believe in yourself and others, you give, you love, you have faith, you excel because you aren’t stumbling in darkness. Light, light, light! Vision and focus become clearer in the light. Nothing grows or blooms without light. My word is light. Let’s be light.


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