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Celebrate Your Calling (No matter how crazy or mundane it seems)

Updated: Jun 5, 2020

Have you ever secretly looked at someone else's life and thought: Wow, I wish I could do what they are doing ? They are amazing.

You're an educator but you're also so much more. You're a friend, a leader, a role model, a colleague, maybe a spouse, maybe a parent, and someone's child. You have unique gifts and talents that no one else possesses. You are amazing!

Usually I'm grounded. I know who I am and the lane I was meant to run. Lately the lines of the track are blurry.

Instagram is wonderful. I love the bright pictures, connecting with others, and motivational quotes. Instagram is discouraging. I can never live up to those perfect pictures. I'm a newbie to the Instagram world. Lately, I've poured several hours into learning and studying how to share inspiration with the world through Instagram.

The more I scrolled, the more insecure I became. Learning Instagram can be a double-edged sword. On one side, I learn and love the community. On the other side (if I'm not careful and mindful), I get discouraged, or I think I should mimic what others are doing since it is working so well for them.

Comparison kills creativity and calling.

The other day I listened to Craig Groeschel the founder and senior pastor of Life.Church. I stumbled upon one of his YouTube videos titled: Stop Comparing Your Calling: There is a Reason. Thirty minutes of his message inspired this message. The following words resonated with me: "When you start to compare your calling with someone else’s, you might find yourself disappointed, discouraged, or disillusioned with your life."

It dawned on me. I had been comparing my calling with others. I wandered off course. I was filled with self doubt and quit doing what I was meant to do. Craig's message reminded me to come back to my calling. I'm an encourager. I've had a life time of being my own cheerleader, and it comes natural to encourage others. I encourage. That's my lane. Like you, it's not my only lane, but it's a wide, wide lane. It's not as impressionable as being an edu-rockstar or a woman entrepreneur, but it's what I'm created to do.

Inspiring you and students sets me on fire. Helping others be their best for students fuels me. Guiding and building relationships and finding ways to reach all students lights me up. Loving all kids fulfills.

The makey, makey TPT teacher, I'm not and it's okay. I love to encourage and share practical tips. I realized, I'm more of a life coach educator encouraging you to stay the course. We need you. Our students need you. Our future needs you.

So what lights you up and sets you on fire? What fulfills you? Chances are colossal it's your calling. Embrace it. Only you can do it. You are the only one that can reach the people placed in your life. You are the only one who does what you do in the beautiful unique way you do it. Run to your calling. Quit comparing.

Don't ever think your calling is small. Don't ever think your current situation isn't enough.

Someone needs only what you can do. Go for it. Bask in it. Run, run, and run in your lane- your calling and you'll succeed. Success isn't measured by looking over your shoulder. It's measured by doing what you were designed to do. No. Matter. What.

When you do, your life will be overflowing with joy. No applause matches that kind of joy. The joy of knowing you're being YOU in your lane.

I'm cheering for you.

You make a difference!


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