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Hi! I'm Pamela

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I'm passionate about making a positive difference for all kids.

I am:

  • Fun, loving, and I enjoy laughing until my abs hurt.

  • An educator, author, presenter, wife, mom, and grandma.

  • Loyal friend & lifelong learner

  • Lover of life, spring, cappuccino, chocolate, & flowers

  • An encourager & an advocate for all kids.

  • A literacy advocate.  Give books ~ Change lives

  • An ordinary person with an extraordinary desire to make a positive difference.



  • Learn more about me and my favorites on my school Simply STEM site.

Fun Fact:

  • I get to inspire others to connect children to agriculture through a PBS broadcast which aired March 2020.  View it here.

Explore Being STRONG 

And Opportunities For Growth

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Educators love to connect with Pamela.

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What people are saying:

  • "Pam is a vivacious teacher who shares her love of learning."

  • "Your energy is infectious."

  • "Knowledgeable & fun"

  • "Thank you for strategies I can use."

  • "I'm energized."

Professional Development

Pamela's infectious energy will renew & ignite your passion.

Personal and professional growth is essential to being the best you can be for yourself and all you encounter. 

Pamela loves encouraging educators to be STRONG and be a warrior for all kids.


The following sessions will ignite your passion and energize you:

  • Be Their Warrior- Learn how to navigate hard-to-reach students and challenging students.  Learn how to connect with all kids.

  • Create a Culture That Keeps Kids Running Back- Engage all students through a positive environment.  Learn how to create a culture where everyone belongs and wants to contribute. Leave with implement-now strategies that work.

  • Be STRONG- Self-care is more important than ever as an educator. Walk away energized with an action plan for taking care of yourself and ultimately positively influencing others in your life.  You are worth it.  Your family, colleagues and students are worth it.  Learn  to be STRONG.

  • Engagement Isn't An Option- Do you want to increase student engagement?  Then, this is it! Walk away with two simple-to-implement tools for a high level of student engagement! This workshop focuses on how to implement room transformations that totally get kids of all ages excited about learning and keeps them engaged in learning.  Participants will work collaboratively to brainstorm ways to bring transformations and engagement alive in their own classroom. Your students will love you for doing this.

  • Deeper Learning- Walk away with two easy -to -implement tools for deeper learning! This session will be facilitated modeling and utilizing the instructional framework format.  First, a fun group activity will engage participants in a deeper learning experience that they can implement immediately into their own class. Then, participants will give feedback of their prior knowledge of design thinking.  Next, participants will learn about design thinking and a valuable problem solving tool that can be used for any problem and can even be used with students to plan a deeper learning project. Then, participants will work collaboratively to utilize the tool.  Last, participants will share and debrief learning.

  • How Reading Helps Students Succeed at Writing- Engaging your students to write is easier than most think. Walk away with implement now strategies for reading and writing success with your students.

  • Teaching Reading That Sticks: A Whole Brain Approach-Gain literacy strategies that increase fluency and comprehension. Appeal to the whole child with activities that are multilevel & utilize multiple modalities.

  • Engineer Your Students' Career- STEM activities integrated with careers and literacy. Participants will leave with hands-on, life-applicable STEM activities connected to STEM careers.

  • Integrating Agriculture in the Classroom is as Simple as ABC-Leave with a deeper understanding why connecting kids to agriculture is engaging and sustainable.  Leave with hands-on, life applicable lessons connected to all content areas that kids love.

I'm here for you

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